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Working with Partners

The Learning Links International team are currently developing more partnerships in Wales, England and Scotland, working with theatres, community groups, schools, colleges, including the University of South Wales, the Universty of the West Indies and the University of Jos, Nigeria.

We are also working with Rotary Clubs in Jamaica and Wales, and with Rotary International, on a project to refurbish the primary and basic schools in Pennants Jamaica. 

We currently have project work linking with National Museum of Wales and the Museum of Jamaica and we also work with communty support services, performance venues and communities.

Main Partners - Dec 2020

Jamaica 2000 / Jamaica Heritage Links

Belong Nottingham

Highlands and Slavery

North Wales Africa Society

SenYAcum, Jamaica

North Wales Jamaica Society

and Rotary International

Past partners:

Working with partners is essential and we are very proud to have worked with a great range of organisations over the past years.

The list below includes some examples of our partnerships.

Developing a partnership with Nueadd Ogwen to enable us not only to successfully stage the "Jamry" show, but also to put of a weeks activities for the "Irie Pesda" Festival.

We have worked with Capoiera Mochambo on BHM activities in Wales since LLI was established and in particular on the 'Cwtch' project.

Our work with the National Offender Management Service with the Rastafari Heritage team, resulted in the faith of Rastafari to be accepted in Prisons. We are proud that "Rastafari Heritage" is now set up as an independent entity, developing support for prisons across the UK. 

The Institute of Jamaica, the Jamaica Museum and the Jamaican Commission for Cultural Development have been a great support to us in helping to establish our "Wales Jamaica Alliance" project

On hold:

We have also supported and worked with Race Council Cymru since this organisation was set up, but at present this partnership is on hold. 




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