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Companies House Update 2018

Company's House has agreed to update our social enterprise Objects to better reflect the nature of our social enterprise to reflect the wider range of the activities we do now, adding to our original designations of "Cultural Education", "Performing Arts" and "Support Activities for Performing Arts".

We hoped to be adding "Research and Experimental Development on Social Sciences and Humanities", Actvities of Exhibition and Fair Organisers", "Activities of Conference Organisers", "Educational Support Services" and "Artistic Creation". However we can only add one more!

Updated Objects of Learning Links International 

The Objects of the Company are to carry out activities which benefit and are in particular (without limitation) to undertake arts and entertainment activities, education, training and research with communities across all sections of the UK Community, as well as communities we are working with internationally:

by creating opportunities through arts and entertainment, workshops  and presentations which support and increase understanding about our shared histories, heritage and languages

by engaging in projects that lead to research into shared histories and that promote discussion about countries which experience the ongoing impact of colonialisation

by engaging and training volunteers from local communities to develop their skills and talents to engage and support projects that promote the aims of the company

by promoting equality and diversity throughout the activities that the company undertakes


1. Involving local communities and organisations in heritage research and exploring different aspects of our shared global history

How will this activity benefit the community?

by developing a better understanding of our shared heritage and culture, and also the impact of colonialisation around the globe

by providing opportunities for communities and families to share their stories

by developing the skills and talents of volunteers from local communities, where appropriate

2. Staging performances, presentations, workshops and our researched stories with themes on culture, language and heritage in theatres, community venues, schools, colleges and universities using artistes from a range of different cultures and traditions

How will this activity benefit the community?

by using our approach to Edutainment i.e. education and entertainment, we will be increasing understanding of Black History and the stories of colonialisation, emigration and immigration

by challenging racist attitudes and negativity to immigration by sharing stories of the people from Britain who moved to other countries over the centuries for a variety of reasons

3.  Working with University departments and academics and other relevant institutions and researchers to promote activities which focus on increasing respect and recognition for the marginalised languages spoken in Britain and around the world

How will this activity benefit the community?

In Wales, this will give opportunities to increase understanding of other languages that are marginalised and overshadowed.

In England, it will increase understanding of the heritage languages of the United Kingdom and the impact on these languages of the dominance of English.

By the increased knowledge, understanding and awareness shared by community workers, teachers and academics, and used to increase respect and recognition for all languages

4. Working with communities where there are ‘hard to tell’ stories, by setting up sessions led by members of our teams with a deep understanding of these issues and the strategies that can be used to help

How will this activity benefit the community?

through improvements in self-esteem and confidence gained from the realisation and understanding that difficult issues such as immigration and emigration, slavery and hate crime, can be discussed and debated in safe environments


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